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who not only buy, but offer rich retail guidance

Just like all bespoke goods, no two makers are the alike. Get the help you need to get your wholesale career to next level sh*t. 
You've found your own stockists. And need to focus on new lines. You just need a stupid simple 21st century way to manage your accounts.
Unlimited Listings

Buyer Tested Linesheets

Wholesale Ready Cart

Easy Order Management

Buyer Notifications

Feedback Request

Secure Payments

Email Support

No Commission on Sales

*Starts in June
Free returns if you're not satisfied less processing fee.
Extra Hand
You might need help while managing another career. Or looking to add wholesale accounts and getting lines retail ready. We got you.

GUARANTEED Buyer Feedback

Warm Intros to Buyers

Staff Assisted Listing

10 Buying Rounds

300+ buyer Marketplace

Custom Store Link

Anytime Support

First Dibs at INDIE SHOW
Billed Bi-annually at $59 Special
Free returns if you're not satisfied less processing fee.
Current member?
Billed Bi-annually at $39 Special
*You have all existing perks even without an upgrade. 
Free returns if you're not satisfied less processing fee.
You're have high manufacturing capacity and ready to expand to new markets. You need serious rep assist.

Plans include

In App Messaging
Management Dashboard
Monthly Reminders
Insider Tips
Wholesale Handbook
Basic Workshops

DIY Details

Unlimited Listings
Why put a limit on creativity? Add your entire collection with built in tips for professional listings. It's intuitive and built to work fast on any device.
Beautiful Linesheets
"I love making linesheets" said no one ever. With a few clicks, customize industry tested line sheets for different retailers along with a downloadable link.
Wholesale Ready Checkout
Are you still writing orders by hand? Oh, the travesty! Save the back and forth email hell. Receive order requests, fulfill orders, and get paid securely via Stripe.
Smooth Order Management
Manage your order requests, sales and reorders in one place. You can also export for accounting, taxes and get back to making.
Buyer Notifications
Buyers will get notified on in-app messages, invoices, shipping, they'll even get reminded to re-order. Automate your communication for better results.
Staff Feedback
If you need an extra pair of eyes on your collection, feel free to reach out. We have years of experience with wholesale and happy to guide you.
"I definitely think your platform works for connecting makers with buyers!"
Savannah Hunter
"I discovered SKUE when I was still finalizing my product line. I even got my first orders through the platform!"
Lauren Shun


Ten Buying Rounds
Buyers are looking to buy at key moments throughout the year. Every month, we time one week of buying that aligns with their habits. They check out your collection, ask questions, write orders. A fun week of online (or offline) mingling.
Buyer Feedback
It’s hard to figure out retail alone. Buyers from top stores like SFMoMA, Rare Device, Paxton Gate give guaranteed feedback on two products in your collection. One per buying season. Jan to June and July to Oct. 
Warm Intros
It’s great to find the perfect match. When buyers on SKUE fall in love with you and your product, we guide you with an intro and the right message to convert that interest into a sale. It saves  everyone a ton of time.
Custom Store Link
Share your store link with new buyers on SKUE or your current stockists. Buyers can shop and order from your collection from their own account.
Staff Assisted Listing
Too busy to list? Right on. Our staff will get you started. Just send links. Makes site management hassle free. Our buyer panel will also weigh in if needed.
First Dibs at INDIE
INDIE is the Bay Area's only trade show. A great place for one-on-one time with buyers. Spaces are limited, members get first preference and a discount. details...

apply for AN extra hand

We have a short 3 -5 day review process for new membership applicants. If you are a current member,  approval is immediate.

Hello Maker,
Thanks for applying. We’ll review your application and get in touch soon with an email requesting more info or next steps. No further action is required from you. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.


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get feedback from top retailers

Choose from any of these featured buyers from top stores that are available to give guaranteed feedback on two products in your collection.
One per buying season. Jan to June and July to Oct.
Shane Salvata
The MoMA Design Store is notorious for setting the trends in fashion, jewelry and designer goods.

"I look for jewelry that's modern, contemporary and especially handmade" says Shane, buyer at SF MOMA on her approach curating products.
Expertise: Jewelry, Accessories
Angela Tsay
Oakland Supply Co
“ Emerging designers need ideas that are fresh, and need to keep it fresh." says Angela whose stores have grown into retail landmarks in Oakland.
Expertise: Bags, Accessories, Clothing
Lily Chau
Although a young store, Acacia has quickly grown into a go to destination for home goods in the Mission, with the Lily's keen eye for color and design.

"I try to stay true to my own point of view instead of being influenced by trends.." says Lily on curation.
Expertise: Home, Lifestyle, Housewares
Giselle Gyalzen
rare device 
Rare Device is gallery and curated space. The two stores in Divisdero and Noe Valley represent the best of local and international emerging design.

"Every time we sell a favorite of mine, my heart breaks a little to see it go. But I'm happy it's going to make someone else happy." says Giselle. Awww…:) 
Expertise: Jewelry, Accessories, Art
Michael Levy
paxton gate
“Walmart, McDonalds, they're all shrinking. People are tired of this market approach which means a lot of stores can pop up to fill this niche," says Michael Levy on the growth of the maker movement.

Paxton Gate has been at ground zero of this trend and continues to support emerging designers at stores choc-bloc with nature inspired curiosities.
Expertise: Jewelry, Accessories, Natural Products
Michele Varian
Michele varian nyc
Michele, a former fashion designer, launched her decorative pillow line in 1999. What started as a home decorating project, snowballed into a business as demand for her pillows grew via her friend network.

She started her store in the aftermath of 9/11 after all the trade shows got canceled and has since expanded to her SOHO store to thousands of square feet, attracting both shoppers and world's best designers.
Expertise: Jewelry, Home Accents, Furniture, Lighting
I've been thrilled with the response. Seeing feedback from the buyers was both reassuring and exciting.
Jeff Goodwin
Eagerly awaiting the order from Oakland Supply Co. So thrilled that this all came out of participating in the buying round.
YiRan Carroll
I've found the feedback very helpful and it made me look at things from another perspective.
Jenn Liddiard
I loved having the feedback in pricing as well as if they would carry it in their store. It made me think a little more about the design of my product.
Gopi Shah


What is SKUE? 
A wholesale market where professional makers sell to stores and get tailored insights on getting retail ready.
For established makers, this can mean getting thoughts from retailers on a new line.
For an emerging designer, more in depth feedback on packaging, pricing and what worked for similar items.

Is membership for you?
Yes. If you've found success with retail for a while, online or at juried craft fairs.
If you're ready to extend your brand to independent retail stores.
We service makers that meet between $5-$100K annually. Beyond that, you'll probably need a full service rep.
We have a supportive community of professional makers and retailers who can help you get to that next level.

What's the criteria for getting accepted?
Almost everyone who applies to the DIY tier gets accepted since it's self-managed. We just make sure you'e wholesale ready.

For Extra Hand tier, we have a few criteria:  
Your product has the right aesthetic for the stores we work with.
Your collection isn't too similar to an existing line on SKUE.
You have enough inventory to fulfill orders.
Overall we need you to exhibit a high level of professionalism since we have to answer to our retailers.

Check with us. We love to help as much as we can. And point you in the right direction.

What does the Extra Hand tier cover?
Getting you properly set up, expert feedback on your goods, monthly buying rounds and warm intros to busy busy buyers.
We arrange for feedback from top stores like SFMoMA, Rare Device, Paxton Gate, Michele Varian  covering all types of independent stores such as lifestyle retailers, museum gift shops, galleries, specialty retail and more!
Members are automatically added to all review rounds as long as their listings are current.

What exactly are buying rounds?
Buying rounds, which happen during key buying moments of each month, are a fun week for buyers and makers to engage on SKUE.
They are timed to precede trade shows like NY NOW, or buying for occasions like July 4th, Mother's Day.
We have ten rounds total, between Jan to October. We invite buyers to look at your products, provide feedback and source what they fancy.  Buyers also expect intro emails from you during this time. Three weeks prior to each round is set aside for updating inventory, min orders, pricing and terms. In short making sure you are well decked out for the party.

Can I can cancel anytime?
You can, but we require a 10 month commitment for the lowest DIY program as you will achieve the best results. Sales cycles are pretty long and scoring new stockists can range from 1-8 months. We of course, want you to move up a tier as quickly as possible.

What happens at the workshops? 
Workshops are hands on training sessions to help guide you through your wholesale journey. They feature topics like wholesale basics, setting up your collection and trade show prep. Workshops run year round with specific topics ongoing and select topics at pivotal points during the year.
Useful stuff that also comes handy when you are doing retail sales.
You can attend online or in person.

Do buyers order on SKUE?
Yes. They also have your reorder minimums stored when they wish to buy again.
You can also use the platform to start an order and fulfill it through any other means like cash, check or bags of rice. Pretty much anything you're comfortable with. We prefer the security of cards processed with Stripe. When buyers order with Stripe, payments are immediately deposited into your bank account.

I'm already a member. How do things change? 
Existing members will enjoy all the benefits available so far. All order management features, inclusion in buying rounds and here's the best part: No more 5% commission fee on sales. If you are an existing members and would like to add guaranteed feedback and warm intros to buyers, then you can get it all for only $9 per month.

Do you have a free tier?
No, we don't sorry. But if you have less than three products, you should check out Brandboom for a free account. 

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amber e lea
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