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Indie Retailers

who not only source products but offer rich retail guidance

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Our buyers aren't your typical stockists. In addition to sourcing, they weigh in with feedback on pricing and retail readiness because it's great for business. Both theirs and yours. 

By putting a cap on the number of makers, we can assure that your products get seen by the right buyers who we hand pick for their taste, experience and commitment to the growth of the maker economy.

We don't charge membership fees but do scrutinize each application closely and only accept only a few members each month. You only pay once you make a sale.

We charge a flat 5% service fee on orders.
• 10 Sourcing Rounds: Jan to Oct

• Only 10 new makers per round

• New buyers added per round

• Buyer Feedback (Pricing + Retail Readiness)

• Staff aid for listing your items

• Unlimited product listing

• 3 Linesheets per Month

• In app inquiries

• Phone and email support

• Growing community of buyers and makers

• Request for Goods

• Flat 5 % service fee on sales

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Thanks for applying. We’ll review your application and send along an invite code if we currently represent stores that would be a great match for your products. We will send you an email when the timing is right.

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Quick Sourcing Rounds
Each month we invite current members and only up to 25 new makers to showcase products for top rated retailers. No getting buried in products.
Buyer Feedback
Buyers chime in on what's working and thoughts on making products retail ready. It dramatically cuts down the lead times to stores.
Pricing Smarts
Buyers suggest what your product will sell for at their store. This cuts out the guesswork so makers can focus on how to deliver at the right price.
In-app Inquiries
When buyers are interested, they launch a product inquiry from the app. This reduces the back and forth email hell which is a drag on business.
Beautiful Linesheets
"I love making linesheets" said no one ever. With a few clicks, makers can create beautiful line sheets that are a delight to peruse, download and order from.
First Dibs on Tips
While you are at your studio, buyers are speaking to customers. They share these retail insights so you can make better products that just sell. 

meet A FEW OF OUR retailers

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Is membership for you?
Membership works best for makers who have outgrown starter services like Etsy BUT aren't ready to commit to the volume required by showing a t the big trade shows OR the 5-10K investment to even set up a booth. 
Makers on SKUE are at least at 5K worth of transactions per year and at the higher end, 100K worth of transactions. Beyond that, you are ready for big volume rep groups, trade shows and primed to service big box retailers (who we don't work with). 

What exactly are buying rounds?
Buying rounds, which happen during key buying moments of each month, are a fun week for buyers and makers to engage on SKUE. They are timed to precede trade shows, or buying for occasions like July 4th, Mother's Day and so on. We have ten rounds total, between Jan to October. We invite buyers to look at your products, provide feedback and source what they fancy. Three weeks prior to each round is set aside for updating inventory, minimum orders, turnaround times and terms and conditions. In short making sure you are well decked out for the party.

What does membership cover?
Membership means getting you properly set up. This includes consultation for setting up your collection properly, figuring our your minimum orders and terms. You are automatically included in the review rounds.

Why do I need to nominate someone?
By nominating makers, we save on cost and time to find new makers we would, otherwise, never have found on our own. You to help out a fellow maker compadre get to the next level. Which is in line with our mission.

Who should I nominate?
Someone who makes great products and wants to do wholesale but isn't sure where to start. Or who is already doing wholesale and interested in more stores. Or wants the one-on-one benefit of buyer trade shows but is turned away by the huge fees. 

Do buyers order on SKUE?
Yes buyers can buy directly on SKUE and also re-order.

How are your commissions lower than the standard 15%?
Our 5% service fee cover costs that include hosting products, bringing buyers to the platform, staff upkeep, maintaning e-commerce  gateways. It's our cost of doing business, so we're not guided by the industry standard. Commissions are reinvested in our growth and that of the maker economy. Our promise is to bring a new perspective to wholesale.