Raise your wholesale game with feedback from the world’s best retailers
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get discovered
We'll pair you up with the right store owners, boutique gallerists and buyers. Our matchmaking algorithms aren't just lines of code, they're real people.


get feedback
In addition to buying stuff here, retailers share expertise on pricing or retail tips just like they would if you saw them in person.


get in stores
Retailers and designers can easily set up line sheets, POs and all that fun stuff that we all like to procrastinate forever.


Get product ideas
View a wish list of what retailers are looking for based on buying trends, so you can focus your creativity on things that are in demand.

Buyers don’t just come here to shop. They share merchandising insights, product improvements and customer trends so you can sell more and they can buy things customers want.


Lavender + Cedar
by slownorth
by Rare Bird
The logo design on the cork lid...
Discover Pack
by mafiabags
by Oakland Supply Co
Nice looking bag! Would be...
Moon Versa Clutch
by ayk
I love the ombre effect...


Feedback, Guaranteed

While you focus on making great things, retailers weigh in with merchandising insights, like packaging and pricing so your products are in their best shape for the retail floor. Great for their business, and yours.

Pricing Insights

Pricing is hard. Retailers say what your product will sell for at their store based on demographics, disposable incomes and customer preferences. Great for surveying pricing strategy.

Get Sourced

Before retailers buy your goods, they can start a chat with you from within the app instead getting lost in long email threads. It's quick and easy and takes the stress out of doing business. 


My experience with SKUE is great! I think it's a great way for makers to get their products retail ready.
Michael Levy
Creative Director, Paxton Gate
We've had a lot of experience giving feedback to makers on SKUE and that's been really useful. We've found some really great products in the process.
Angela Tsay
Store Owner, Oakland Supply Co
I wish something like this existed when I was an independent designer.
Allison McGowan
Store Co Owner, Teich
Oscar and I look forward to using your service. We truly appreciate your concept of bringing makers and retailers, such a great idea!
Andrea Mahefko
Maker, Biological Jewels
I loved having the feedback in pricing as well as if they would carry it in their store. The shops really did a nice job of writing for my product, so I appreciate that. And it made me think more about the design of my product.
Gopi Shah
Maker, Gopi Shah Ceramics
The store owners' experienced perspective and comments are so beneficial when launching new products/collections. Big thank you!
Sarah Phillips
Loop De Loup

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