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skue summer series

You know what is else is hot this time of year? Wholesale. We timed our events to jibe with the best times buyers are likely to buy. Buyers shop the marketplace online, hear out your pitch, and give thoughtful comments on your products. We also have tradeshows for show ready members and workshops with real shop owners to prepare you for just about anything in your wholesale career.

indie recap


How strange is it that a region that gave the world the iPhone and Lumio lamp doesn't have a show with name recognition like the markets in Dallas Market Atlanta. But looks like that's about to change. "This show has the makings of New York NOWs coveted Accent on Design said Nathan Waldon of Nathan and Co. The MoMA, DeYoung, Museum of Craft and Design and hundreds of buyers from all over the West Coast came by to see designers of high pedigree. We had record sales on SKUE. Year three is coming up and it promises to be the best show on the West Coast.
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not at vegas RECAP

This was the week when buyers were preparing to head out to Vegas Market.
Six giant towers. Thousands of showrooms. Open only 8 days a year. Eight days a year? Yes. You read that right. Four days in the winter. Four days, summer. Now buyers have to look really hard to find premium handmade goods. Which is why we invited our fave buyers to SKUE during this week to check out your goods (which won't be at Vegas Market)


We're all about building partnerships. When invite buyers to our marketplace and makers also send reach out with well rounded pitched as warm intros. We featured a few here:
Zelma Rose x Mme


Urb Apothecary x Nathan and Co


Every buying season, members can request feedback from our most seasoned retailers. This months success story.
Kajs Jewelry: Introducing a New Line
Kaj's jewelry wanted to hear what retailers had to say about her new jewelry collection inspired by vintage lace. She got some great insights on not just the product but also which retailers would be best suited for sales.

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Wholesale Refresh
Even the most seasoned makers make a few mistakes that get in the way of sales. In this workshop we discuss we got back to the basics. A must view for makers at all stages. Podcast coming soon.

ny no RECAP

Right before NY NOW, we celebrated a new alternative buying event, NY NO.
Where buyers meet world class makers on SKUE who can't make it out to Javit's Center or afford the exorbitant booth fees. Here's a recap.


SKUE members responded to inquiries and orders from interested buyers
MoMurray x Rare Device

Penny Royal x Atomic Garden

Korut Studio x Gallery West


Request feedback on your collection from our most seasoned retailers.
Guest Expert Annie Waterman of AOW Handmade
Acacia X Paper and Fog
is home decor and housewares company. After recent feedback from Lily Chau, follow the story of owner Michel Stong and how she plans to proceed.
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Is Anthropologie For Me?
Join this workshop to figure out if you're on a path to channel partners. Join us at the venue (or online)

stockavore RECAP

The major tradeshows are over. But stores still have some inventory gaps. This is a great time to start introducing buyers to holiday goods.


Bell Mountain Naturals X Paxton Gate

Allie Biddle X Gold leaf

Hello Nipomo X Oakland Supply Co


5 new members received feedback from Rare Device, Museum of Design and Craft and Goldleaf


In this workshop, makers got some insiders tips on making prep their products for the holidays
September 20th
Venue: Culk HQ
THE Recap

America We're OPEN

An event in collaboration with SF store Whistle to bring more makers outside our 49 mile perimeter to the city. The program includes weekly wholesale and retail promotions from October to December.

You're invited to whistle

If you live outside the SF area, we'd love to introduce you to locals and buyers at SF store. This is the first time sales are commission free. Early bird pricing is $360


We will continue doing warm intros for our Extra Hand Members.


Request feedback on your collection from our most seasoned retailers.
Guest Expert: Debra Lande Museum Craft and Design, SF


Every market has different requirements. How do you quickly customize your collection to reach the right buyers?
October 25th
Venue: Culk HQ


Login to your SKUE account and shop these products from our wholesale marketplace. Orders will be placed with the designers.
barnwell co
full tables full chairs
Maya Bauman DESIGN
heliotrope sf
hooks and luxe
loop de loup
mac cutting boards
mafia bags
mo murray
newd elements
windy chien
saffron and kumquats
s/he studio
shop joyo
slow north
sweet hyena
tim eads
woll jewelry
yuzu soap
potluck products
candace loheed
the whiteout


Katie Gaertner
“ I love hearing stories from artisans and finding a way to tell them visually in my store.” Katie was a buyer for 10 years before starting Whistle.
Angela Tsay
Oakland Supply Co
“ Emerging designers need ideas that are fresh, and need to keep it fresh." says Angela whose stores have grown into retail landmarks in Oakland.
Kerri Lee Johnson
"Promoting other stores brings more business to everyone," says Kerri Lee Johnson who started the Plaid Friday Movement.
David Auerbach
dijital fix
“Our demographic appreciates good food, good wine, up-and-coming artists and electronics,” says David of his lifestyle  store in the Mission where technolust meets designer chic.
Lily Chau
“I try to stay true to my own point of view instead of being influenced by trends. That’s why I try not to look at too many fashion or design blogs," says Lily on curation.
Zoel Fages
"I need to have a strong gut reaction." says Zoel when looking a products. Zoel worked at the GAP before finding his true calling at Glen Park store, Perch.
Michael Levy
Paxton GATE
“Walmart, McDonalds they're all shrinking. People are tired of this market approach which means a lot of stores can pop up to fill this niche," says Michael Levy on the growth pf the maker movement.
Giselle Gyalzen
rare device
"Every time we sell a favorite of mine, my heart breaks a little to see it go. But I'm happy it's going to make someone else happy." says Giselle. Awww…:) who runs her two stores in SF.
Shane Salvata
"I look for jewelry that's modern, contemporary. Most of the jewelry is handmade" says Shane, jewelry buyer at SF MOMA on her approach curating products.
Wayne Whelan
At the heart of diversity, for Wayne, is one core principle – value, which Wayne defines as “something that tends to look like it’s worth more than what we sell it for.
Matt Bissinger
Maker and Moss
"I'm always looking for goods that are aesthetically pleasing and a good value regardless of price point." says Matt on his approach to curating products for his Hayes Valley Store.
And 500 more
Our retailers aren't your typical stockists, they source products but also provide guidance to makers on store readiness and plain ol' fashioned support.